Living Kindness: Metta Practice for the Whole of Our Lives

Living Kindness is an exploration of love, compassion, joy, and equanimity, the so-called “Brahmaviharas” or Divine Abodes. Combining a close reading of several suttas from the Pali Canon with personal reflections on trying to fulfill the Buddha’s challenge to be free from ill-will, the book is at once intimate and far-reaching in its scope.

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“The lucid analysis of Buddhist texts and the jargon-free examination of metta make this an ideal primer on a core element of Buddhist thought and practice.” – Publishers Weekly, October 2022.

“This is an exceptional book, one that could serve equally well as a starting point for understanding the Buddhist teaching on kindness or to deepen your understanding in an already established meditation practice.”
– Sharon Salzberg, author of “Real Happiness and Real Love”