The Buddhist Recovery Network lists meetings and meditation groups internationally. The site includes book relevant book reviews and an opportunity to be involved in an international movement. If you have a group, please contact Paul Saintilan: to get listed.

Virtual Mindfulness Coach: An online mindfulness training I've collaborated on with Eva Hudlicka. The Virtual Mindfulness Coach is a new way to learn meditation. Instead of a static recording or book, the Coach offers an interactive online environment for self-paced study. Combining ancient Buddhist wisdom with a modern delivery system makes for an engaging and relevant learning experience. Loaded with practical guidance for both formal meditation and daily mindfulness activities, as well as FAQs for every class, this four-session program will help get you started and keep you going with an effective, proven method to reduce stress, increase health, and help you to enjoy your life more.

Bay Area Buddhist Recovery Groups:

An interesting article by George Taylor dealing with a couple dealing with alcoholism.

Here are some Twelve Step and recovery resources on the web:

Here are some great Dharma websites:

The artist Scott Harrington does Buddhist-inspired art including a painting called "A Burning Desire."