This page has downloads of audio, group guidelines and flier/marketing text.


Here is a guided vipassana meditation:

A talk on the Satipatthana Sutta: the Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Group Guidelines

There are a variety of groups around the country exploring Buddhism and recovery. If you have a group, go to and contact them to list your group.

Here are my own suggested guidelines for a group, as well as meditations and exercises.

Download the group guidelines here.

The group guidelines are in PDF format. You need Acrobat Reader to read PDF documents. If you don’t have Acrobat Reader, you can download it freely from here.

Flier/Marketing Text

  1. 12 Step daylong Flier
  2. 12 Step Retreat Flier
  3. 12 Step Talk Flier
  4. Burning Desire Cover Text
  5. Burning Desire Promo Text
  6. God Daylong Flier
  7. God Retreat Flier
  8. God Talk Flier
  9. Bio – Short
  10. Bio – Longer